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Installing a Uniflate Nitrogen Tyre Inflation system

Uniflate has been established since 1992 as a result of a research programme into an onsite nitrogen production facility to replace the high pressure nitrogen bottles that were being used in Formula 1.

Since its successful launch Uniflate continue to be the sole supplier to the Formula 1 industry but also now provide systems to garages and fast fit tyre centres around the UK as more commercial vehicles and LGV’s are now fitted with nitrogen tyres.

Used in commercial cars and LGV’s throughout the UK the Uniflate Nitrogen tyre inflation system improves not only safety and road handling performance but also increases the life of your tyres.

Looking to find out about the benefits and technology behind the nitrogen tyre inflation systems? Browse our site to find out how Uniflate works and what the benefits are to using nitrogen inflated tyres.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Tyre Bay Direct is proud to be the sole distributors of the Uniflate Nitrogen Tyre Inflation machine and equipment in the UK. If you are a fast fit tyre centre or garage and are interested in purchasing the machine then we have a number of different systems you may be interested in, from the Hi Flow Standard System to the Hi Flow Maxi System. Tyre Bay can also help with installation of your Uniflate system along with installing pipework for additional outlets within the workshop.

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Current Distributors of Uniflate Nitrogen

Uniflate are distributors of Uniflate Nitrogen machines and equipment to the following well known garages and tyre suppliers.

Kwikfit Merityre

Selecta Tyre Northeastern Tyres and Exhausts

Demon Tweeks

Revolution Motorstore

Nitrogen News

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We all know converting to nitrogen in tyres can improve your fuel economy by up to 10% and increase your Tyre life by 30% or more while dramatically increasing the safety of your vehicle. High purity nitrogen has been used for decades in Formula One, with Uniflate being the sole and exclusive suppliers since 1992.

We now bring you the Auto Club, an exclusive club available at participating distributors of Uniflate Nitrogen. To back up the amazing benefits of Uniflate Nitrogen our participating distributors will give you a free 12 month registration into the Auto Club. This gives you benefits such as Tyre Repair and Replacement coverage, Free 24 hour roadside assistance, 24 hour towing and many more benefits.

Our nitrogen generators have set the standard worldwide and are used by the likes of Porsche, Nissan and BMW dealerships, local councils, and over 2000 Tyre retailing outlets. In fact, Uniflate was selected, and remains, the sole nitrogen Tyre inflation product used by Goodyear, Bridgestone, Michelin and Pirelli in all Formula 1 Grand Prix since 1992. With our Auto club coverage, we take it one step further than anyone else in the market.

STS Stapleton’s have completed fitment of the Uniflate Nitrogen Systems in a further 46 centres across the UK. Already having 24 centres with the Uniflate systems STS recently requested a further install program to bring all STS centres up to date with Uniflate Nitrogen Inflation. This increases the already impressive network of Uniflate distributors servicing the motorists of the UK.

A recent study carried out by a PhD Student at Clemson University on Nitrogen Inflation has once again proved, scientifically the benefits of Nitrogen Inflation. During the project, The Qleak experimental study indicated that nitrogen inflation can maintain the tyre pressure 35% - 55% better than shop dry air per month at room temperature depending on different tyre type.
Yet another example of the countless scientific papers demonstrating the benefits of Nitrogen inflation.

Merityre, founded in Andover, Hampshire, in 1961 now operates 21 tyre fitting centres across the South and Thames Valley.  Offering tyre fitting as well as MOTs at selected centres, Merityre aims to provide a service which exceeds their customers’ expectations.

This month, Uniflate engineers have completed yet more installations at Merityre branches in Wallington and Basingstoke bringing the total amount of Merityre fitting centres offering Uniflate Nitrogen Tyre Inflation to 18 across the south.

Visit your local Merityre tyre fitting centre today to ask about how Uniflate could benefit you!

As manufacturers of nitrogen tyre inflation systems since 1992 and exclusive suppliers to every Formula 1 Grand Prix racing team, Uniflate are pleased to announce that they can now supply direct to retail customers from Tyre Bay Xpress – their very own tyre fitting centre in Redditch.

Every customer visiting Tyre Bay Xpress will be welcomed by a friendly and professional team, and can wait in comfort in a fully furnished waiting room with free internet access as their tyres are fitted by expert technicians.

Other services on offer include wheel alignment with British engineered equipment from Precision Point, exhausts and batteries.